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"We perfect nature, not by undoing it, but by adding to it what is more than nature, and directing it towards aims higher than its own"


EDULIFE ABROAD believe that to be part of today’s generation is tremendous opportunity. Paradigms are being challenged and new ideas have brought about a change from conventional to radical. Closed doors are being opened, avenues are re-explored and with that bit of extra mile to go, the end can be sighted. The shrinking of global scenario has not only made communication easier but also imperative. In this effort of being an Overseas Educational Consultant we give opportunity for young minds aspiration and dreams. Brickbats or bouquets, both are welcome for when you dare more, you will do more.


While the team shares many honorable values, they agreed that ultimately the key phrase for them was their belief in empowering people through education. Education has the ability to change lives, and is a dynamic and driving force we are all proud to be a part of.


The integration of excellence and professional approach is one of EDULIFE ABROAD's unique strengths. We strive for high standards in the transmission of service, within a dynamic and interactive environment, thereby enabling our students to get admission in best and world ranked Universities in their chosen fields. Thus, our planning and commitments are directed towards the implementation of new projects, along with open access to the expanding world of technology.


Service excellence has been the keyword of the Consultant since its inception, with all its results setting new records and receiving both national and international acclaim. Closely supervised study in an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment, together with an emphasis on student welfare and close contact between us and students, ensures that individual students get maximum support. Backed by a system which ensures that quality is constantly monitored and standards are reviewed and maintained, EDULIFE ABROAD's credentials are well known in India and throughout the world.


It has been said that, "We perfect nature, not by undoing it, but by adding to it what is more than nature, and directing it towards aims higher than its own". It is in this manner that we make our contribution everlasting, a legacy to the individual, to the community, and finally, to the country.